Perpetual Inventory Procedures

IS YOUR PERPETUAL INVENTORY remaining accurate? If not, call us for a review of your procedures.  Here is a complete list of areas to consider:

Incrementing Inventory

  • Proper invoice loading
    • Correct UPC
    • Load invoices relative to physical delivery
    • Correct Case/pack
    • Load of shipper and pallet product
    • Invoice all items
  • Pair bonus pack and regular items
  • Customer returns

Decrementing Inventory

  • Sales
    • Make quantity key a managment function
    • Properly scan each item
    • Send all possible product through the front-end
    • Integrate web sales
    • Real-time integration of point-of-sale movement
    • Manually ringing product up
      • Manual keying of UPC
      • Selling by department and not UPC
  • Inner-store transfers
    • Inter-departmental
    • Supply usage
  • Inter-store transfers
  • Record and report damage
  • Record and report spoilage
  • Record donations
  • Pair bonus pack and regular items

Verifying Inventory and Store Procedures

  • Achieve a correct count
  • Count negative, outs, lows, and back-stock
  • Cycle Count
    • Shelf
    • Display
    • Backstock
  • Keep an accurate count
  • Inventory Audits
  • Accurately identify bonus and regular items
  • Thorough running of back-stock
  • Proper placement of items – avoiding face-over
  • Find, track, adjust and report mispicks
  • Use inventory variances to find, track, and deter theft
  • Identify inventory adjustments by user
  • Integrate and record master/individual inventory and sales (ex. Cigarettes)
  • Organize back-stock
  • Track, report, and explain lost sales by unit movement, dollar movement, and profitability