Vol. 1: Downstream It’s a Forecast; Upstream It’s a Fact

THE HEADLINE FOR THIS COLUMN may seem like a riddle, but it’s intended as a succinct way to characterize the flow of forecasted order quantities up and down the supermarket supply chain. [Read more…]

Perpetual Inventory Procedures

IS YOUR PERPETUAL INVENTORY remaining accurate? If not, call us for a review of your procedures.  Here is a complete list of areas to consider: [Read more…]

Successful CGO implementation

Is your company struggling with Computer Generated Ordering (CGO) implementation?  Don’t give up, call us! Many retailers have had incredible success raising customer service and lowering inventory through CGO implementation.  If they can do it, so can you! [Read more…]

Are you ready for Spring?

As the weather changes, so does the selection of products that your customers want.  Companies that operate off of a demand based supply chain have the right quantities of the right products for their customers for any season!  Utilize your point of sale information to maximize seasonal sales and minimize inventory!  Contact Supply Chain Optimization for more information.


The height and heat of Summer can bring challenging demand opportunities.  Companies operating off of a point-of-sale or customer demand supply chain have the right inventory on their shelves with fewer opportunities in the backroom.  These companies are maximizing their sales and minimizing labor and expenses due to inventory.

FMI 2010

Great meetings at FMI!  Thanks to all of the consumer packaged goods and software suppliers for taking your valuable time to meet.

Procurement training

SCO is familiar with a variety of procurement and statistical systems

Computer Generated Ordering Training

SCO has hands on experience training every aspect of Computer Generated Ordering (CGO):

  • Perpetual Inventory
  • Software and wireless devices
  • Experience with a variety of replenishment packages
  • Ability to teach CGO at any level
  • Advanced understanding of the statistics that drive CGO

What would you like to know more about?

Where can you save money in your supply chain?

  • What are the most efficient ways for you to handle products in your supply chain?
  • Should you always fill your inbound freight trucks 100%?
  • Analyze various areas to implement technology in your supply chain.

SCO can help increase your bottom-line!

Ad forecasting

Any forecasting system can predict turn-stock movement:  Supply Chain Optimization can assist you in assembling the science and systems that you need to forecast product sales for ads, weather changes and other event driven spikes in sales!